Fast Education on Medical Marijuana Law in Arizona

Medical marijuana is legal in Arizona since 2010; however, not because it is legal to use it for medical purposes, anyone is allowed to purchase and grow a marijuana plant in Arizona. If you are still confused on how the medical marijuana laws work, this article will provide you a fast education about Arizona’s law towards medical marijuana. How is medical marijuana law defined under Arizona Medical Marijuana Act of 2010? According to its definition, the medical weed is only allowed in the following context: • The allowable amount of marijuana to qualifying patients is only 2.5 ounces for every two weeks. • The qualifying patients must have government issued medical marijuana card authorizing the patient to use and cultivate marijuana. • The qualifying patient is only allowed to cultivate 12 marijuana plants at an enclosed and secure facility and must be 25 miles away from authorized marijuana dispensary facility. • Only with “Debilitating Medical Conditions” are allowed to secure a medical marijuana card: o Cancer o Glaucoma o Positive for HIV or AIDs o Hepa C o Wasting syndrome o Chronic or severe pain o Seizures o Muscle spasms The definition of medical marijuana under AMMA 2010 is lengthy, if you want to learn about Arizona marijuana laws, you need to read them from a reliable source.